Ms Nabami Bhuyan

MA, B. Ed, MPhil
Joined Lakhimpur Girls' College on 16 Jul, 2002
Assistant professor in the department Geography.
Research Interest:
Social and Environmental Geography.
Specialized Courses:
Fluvial Geomorphology


Completed two Minor Research Projects (MRP), funded by UGC (NERO)

1. Title : "A comprehensive study on the forest goods and their services to the people of fringe area of Kakoi reserve forest of Lakhimpur District, Assam. 2009-2011."

Funding  Agency:  UGC(NERO)

Amount Sanctioned: Rs. 1,44,000

Ref No. F.5-274/2009-10(MRP/NERO0/6024 Dated 14. 12. 2009

2. Title: “Forest Goods and Services and their impact on rural livelihood: an empirical study in Lakhimpur District, Assam”. 2015-2017.

Funding Agency: UGC (NERO)

Amount Sanctioned: Rs. 1,50,000

Ref No. F.5-253/2014-15/(MRP/NERO)/3156 Dated 11.3.2015.

Paper Published

  1. "A Comprehensive study of the Socio-economic status of Forest Fringe Villages in Lakhimpur District, Assam."  Published in IJIRSSC, Vol: 1, Issue: 2, 2015. ISSN: (P) 2395-4335, (O) 2455-2909
  2.  " Assessment of Ecological goods and services to some of the fringe villages of Kakoi reserve Forest of Lakhimpur District, Assam.", Published in "Chinaky, A Research Journal on Humanities and Social Science", Vol. $, No. 2, 2015. ISSN: 2349-0500.
  3. "A Comprehensive Study of Human Elephant Conflict in the Bordering Areas of Three Reserve Forests of Lakhimpur District, Assam." Published in IJIRSSC, Vol: 2, Issue: 1, 2016. ISSN: (P) 2395-4345, (O) 2455-2909

FDP Completed

  1. "Innovation and Rejuvenation of Teaching in Higher education" Organized by North Lakhimpur Collège(Autonomous), Lakhimpur, in collaboration with TLC, Tezpur University. From18.2.19 to 23.2.19.
  2. " Preparation of Self Learning Materials for University and College Learners" Organized by Dibrugarh University, Assam, India from 12.5.20 to 18.5.20. 
  3. "Academic writing and Publication" Organization TLC, Tezpur University, in Association with Sibsagar Girls' College, Sivasagar  and Duliajan College, Dibrugarh, Assam from 1.11.22 to 7.11.22.

Paper Presented

1.“Pabha Reserve Forest : On the way of extinction”, in Seminar on 'Biodiversity of North East India: conservation & Management', Organised by Geography NL College (Autonomous) & Lakhimpur Science Society,Assam. Date: 4th Oct. 2017

2.“Prospects of Rural Tourism in the Forest Fringe Villages; with Special Reference to Lakhimpur District, Assam. In, ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar on 'Future Prospects & Possibility of tourism Industry & Awesome Assam in India', Organised by Dept. Of Sociology & History, Telahi Tuwaram Nath College College, Khaga, Lakhimpur, Assam. Date: 3rd & 4th Dec 2018.

3. “Fauna of Kakoi & Ranga Reserve Forests Used as Folk Medicine in Lakhimpur District, Assam.” In, ICHR sponsored National Seminar on 'Trends & Prospects of History from Oral and Folk Tradition in North-East India', Organized by Sankardeva Mahavidyalaya, Pathalipahar, in collaboration with Bharatiya Itihas Sankalan Samiti, Assam, Lakhimpur & Biswanath District Committee. Date: 19th & 20th Feb, 2021.

4. Inter-State border conflicts with Arunachal Pradesh, with reference to Lakhimpur District, Assam.” In, ICSSR sponsored National Seminar, On 'Conflicts in border areas, Ethnicity,and Socio-Economic Development of Assam'. Organised by Dikhowmukh College, Monglow, Sivasagar, Assam. Date: 23rd and 24th March 2022.

Workshop Attended

  1. Participated in the Workshop on "Hydropower Project and Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)" held on 12.3.2017, Sponsored by G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environmental Impact Assessment, (N-E Unit), Itanagar, A.P, with support from Lakhimpur Girls' College, N.Lakhimpur, Assam.
  2. Participated in a 5 days National Multidisciplinary Workshop on "Environmental Awareness and Waste Management" held from 5th -9th June 2022 organized by IQAC and Eco Club, Lakhimpur Girls' College.

Refresher Course Completed

1. Refresher Course in Earth Sciences, Geography and Allied Disciplines, from 19th June to 9th July,2017.Sponsored by UGC,HRDC, NEHU, Shillong.

2. Refresher course on 'Academic Writing and Research', organised by TLC, Tezpur University, under PMMMNMTT Scheme, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India. 16-30 May, 2022

Book Chapter Written

  1. “Ethno-medicinal plants and their uses in different ethnic groups in the fringe areas of Kakoi reserve forest of Lakhimpur District, Assam.” Published in edited book entitled “Future Prospects of Ethno-Medicine” ISBN: 978-81-925209-7-1. Date: September, 2014.